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Mar 21 2009Howdy!

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Now that we’ve been in business for around for a year, I’m finally getting around to starting a blog to document our adventures with our fabulous clients! So let’s see, I probably should introduce myself. I’m Mike. How are you?

I live in Brambleton (Loudoun County), Va with my lovely wife, toddling little girl, and 2 mischievous puppy dogs. I’ve been doing photography since 2001, but have only been doing weddings for the past year or so. What did I shoot before that? Mainly portraits, some promotional shots for local bands, various events, that sort of thing. I decided to jump headfirst into weddings because they are a mix of all of that. In one day they give the chance to do portraits, landscapes, event photography, artistic, formal, really a wide selection of the type of things I have a blast taking pictures of.

As much as I’d like it to be, photography is not my full time job, during the week I’m paying the bills working as a web application developer. But on the weekends, and on evenings following a wedding I’m often found editing pictures, or better yet, taking them :–). That being said, when said toddling little girl walks up and cracks adorable smiles, it’s kinda tough to keep sitting at the computer. Kinda gotta go play with her!

So that’s me. As for my plans for this blog? I plan on posting pics from my sessions with clients giving you and them a sneak peak at what’s new.