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Mar 9 2010From the archives: Amelia and Joe

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I knew Amelia and Joe were supremely awesome the first time we met to go over things and they had breakfast waiting for us. They only had one must get picture for the ceremony. Both their respective parents had been married at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament where they would be, and Amelia wanted her and her father walking down the aisle. She showed us the same image of her parents.

Amelia and Joe weren’t afraid to let loose and get a little goofy either. After a bunch of more formal bridals, I told the bridal party to relax and have some fun.After the bridals, I left the church before the limo so that I could get to the reception site at Historic Savage Mill. Rachel and Julian stayed behind to document Amelia and Joe leaving the church while I set up for a couple images of just the two of them. Due to traffic, Rachel and Julian didn’t make it in time for them to help shoot the bride and groom, but this is exactly why there are 3 of us! Amelia is definitely a daddy’s girl: See more in the gallery.