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Aug 22 2010Josef - Newborn Portraits

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I’d say its safe to say Josef is tiny. At 4 lbs 12oz a couple days ago, he qualifies quite nicely for that title. I love newborn sessions cuz you often can already see some personality there, even when it’s a tiny little man. Given that his dad often has strong opinions, I guess it’s not a surprise that Josef already definitely has strong opinions. Josef had strong opinions about his feet.
Josef O. Newborn Portraits
They needed to be strrrrrrrrrrrrretched out!

But don’t forget the super snuggle action! Of course, as previously mentioned, he’s teeeny, so snuggle action can be as simple as snuggles with dad’s finger.

Or as supremely important as BOTH of mom and dad’s fingers!

You see the rest of Josef’s newborn portrait session in the gallery.