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Nov 12 2010Tornado Brass Band at Preservation Hall - New Orleans

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I’m down in New Orleans for a conference this week, so being in the birthplace of jazz, last night I decided to check out Preservation Hall. For those that have never been, allow me to set the scene. The line at the door starts forming about 45 minutes before the show and if the room fills, well too bad, you get to wait til the second set. Now imagine a room about 20 feet x 30 feet. Now put some creaky wood floors, some wood benches, and 100 or so people crammed in, most standing, listening to some amazing live jazz. No bar, no food, just some good music.

The Tornado Brass Band was performing and was excellent. They are a lively bunch that really dives into the music and weren’t afraid to make fun of themselves.

You can see the rest in the gallery.