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Apr 23 2011Reston Bible Church presents Conversations

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Seems like we're always waiting. Waiting in line to purchase our groceries, to be served in our favorite coffee shop, to see the latest movie. Have you ever looked up from your smartphone long enough to notice the people around you? There is a lot of life that goes on around you while you are waiting in line – a young couple on their first date, unsure and nervous; the mom who’s embarrassed to be paying with food stamps for this week's groceries; or the business man sitting alone in the restaurant waiting for his meal.

Join us this year on a city sidewalk outside the neighborhood movie theater for our production of Conversations, where the world of imagination and fiction collides with real life stories, rich in truth.

Reston Bible Church - describing the production

This was my first year seeing Reston Bible Church's Easter production and I can definitely say they set a high bar. Conversations is a production designed to stimulate conversations surprisingly enough. Conversations about relationships with potential mates, our spouses, in-laws, even God. I had several friends involved in the production and they all did an amazing job. They very much put their lives out there for everyone to see, both the good and the really hard parts.

There were several skits, and in between three different Real Life Stories.

Stories of God's faithfulness in walking a couple through an adoption process...

And how God molded a self-admitted jerk executive into a loving father and husband that gives Him all the glory....

Or how God can bring a couple to follow Him simultaneously and not just keep them together as they admit deep betrayals of each other's trust to each other, but allow their marriage to thrive.

Reston Bible put up a blog post recapping the event and featured some of my pictures of the event there. Check it out!

If you'd like to view more pictures from the event, go here.