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Aug 13 2011Aly and Drew at the park

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It has been a crazy busy, hot hot hot summer. I am way way way behind on blogging sessions from the past couple months, and I apologize.

Coming soon to the blog: a monthly portrait session at the farm, a family session disguised as a hike, an outdoors newborn session, and a beautiful lakeside wedding.

Mostly though, this summer has been about family. Whether that be extended family across the country, close family in the immediate area, or my immediate family. This entry is about my children (I know, I never show them off!).

It has been so hot this summer that we haven’t been able to spend much time outside. The past week however has been perfect for me to come home from work, ask the kids, “Wanna go to the park?”, and spend the next hour outside with my kids. I’ve said it before, for me, memories are triggered by images. Children grow so fast, and mine are no exception. These images are here for me to remember how much fun life with my kids can be.

To me, this set of images really triggers those memories. I see Aly’s laughing face and it instantly brings a flood of emotion and memories to the forefront.

Just as we were walking out the door, Andrew grabbed this hat to take with him. I LOVE that about him. He loves hats. He’s my little man that walks around with hands clasped behind his back with a serious expression. At least until he notices you watching him at which point he bursts into a fabulous smile.

I think a few of these may just end up as large scale prints somewhere in my home.

P.S. I have to brag on my daughter a little. She turned the tables on me and stole my camera while we were playing around with our little photoshoot. I briefly showed her how to focus my camera (I use back-button focusing which isn’t how the camera usually comes set up), and she listened and then turned around and shot this:

She got it dead on focus and framed it perfectly and that was all her! Total rock star I tell you.

Just to show you the beast she’s dealing with, I give you these images. Obviously, I took the one on the left, while she took the one on the right. Again, nailed the focus, and I’m even extra tricky with a phone in front of my face! The kid’s not even 4 yet! So. Proud.

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