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Oct 31 2011Davis-Engstrom Wedding!

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This was a very special wedding that was a long time coming. We don’t get to see my west coast relatives very often so when we started hearing whispers that my cousin April had found a rather serious boyfriend our curiosity was definitely peaked. I first got to meet Dillon several years ago when he joined April and the rest of my family who were out visiting on a hike to see elephant seals. Seeing how he treated her with such loving attention, and his ease in dealing with our quite large family, I knew he was one to watch. He successfully garnered April’s father’s approval and I felt honored when he as a fellow photographer asked if I’d be willing to shoot their wedding in Livermore, California.

April, you look absolutely stunning!

The ceremony was held outdoors in the hills outside Livermore… so pretty!

These kids were so entertaining getting their shots throughout the day.

Congratulations April and Dillon! We had a blast being able to share in your day!

There's plenty more in the gallery below.

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